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Schmeisser AR15 Ultramatch 24" STS

The Schmeisser AR15 Ultramatch is a precision weapon with a match barrel and a reserve magazine integrated into the stock. This weapon has a free-swinging .936 match barrel, a slim M-Lok forend and an adjustable steel gas block. The two-stage trigger guarantees a clearly defined, dry shot release. The safety, magazine release, loading lever and bolt catch are designed on both sides. Delivered as standard with a 10-round magazine.

Schmeisser AR15 Ultramatch 24" STS

SKU: 8009348
CHF 2.210,00Price
    • DESCRIPTION: AR15 Ultramatch 24" STS

    • SYSTEM: self-loading rifle

    • CALIBER: .223 Rem.

    • WEIGHT: 4,000g

    • SPIN: 1:8

    • MAGAZINE: 10 shots

  • With 10 round magazine:

    • Weapon acquisition certificate (WES)
    • ID/passport

    With >10 rounds magazine:

    • Exemption permit small (collector/sports shooter)
    • ID/passport
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