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The Schmeisser AR15 is a particularly easy-to-handle SL rifle for hunting and sport with a free-floating barrel. This gun features a No Flash muzzle flash hider, a slim M-Lok forend and an adjustable steel gas block. The two-stage trigger guarantees a clearly defined dry shot release. The safety, magazine release, charging lever and slide catch are designed on both sides. The solid reinforcement on the lower increases the stability many times over compared to conventional AR15. Delivery is standard with 10 rounds magazine and flip-up sights.

Schmeisser AR15 M5FL 16.75"

SKU: 7009360

    • SYSTEM: semi-automatic rifle

    • CALIBER: .223 Rem.

    • WEIGHT: 3,550g

    • LENGTH: 87.5 cm retracted, 95 cm extended

    • BARREL: 42.5 cm

    • ROLL: 1:9

    • MAGAZINE: 10 rounds

  • With 10 rounds magazine:

    • Weapons Purchase License (WES)
    • ID/passport

    With >10 rounds magazine:

    • Small exemption permit (collector/shooter)
    • ID/passport
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