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With the RS36, developed in 2015, loads in the range between RS30 and RS40 can now be better optimized. The RS36 was matched to the caliber 7.62 x 39, whereby it can also be used excellently in the area of lever-action rifles.

Common calibres

  • 7.62x39
  • .223 Rem. with light projectiles up to 50 gr
  • .30 - 30 wins.
  • .444 marlin
  • .45 - 70 Govt.

packaging units

1 kg can

powder type

The RS36 is an extruded 1-hole propellant powder based on nitrocellulose. The surface treatment is done with camphor. This achieves a balanced temperature behavior with moderate pressure at higher temperatures.

Reload Swiss RS36 1Kg

SKU: 7010602
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