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Glock Holster Safety with carrying plate

The GLOCK Safety Holster features a robust polymer shell design and a locking system that secures a standard-sized GLOCK pistol in the holster and releases it at the push of a button. The simple design and a reliable locking mechanism are the key features of this holster. A thumb-activated lid provides additional security when needed. Carrying plates of different dimensions can be attached to any duty belt to optimize the comfort of the GLOCK Safety Holster. This versatile system can also be mounted as a lightweight thigh holster using the GLOCK Tactical Belt Holder.

Pay attention to compatibility!

Note: Only suitable for standard format GLOCK pistols

Glock Holster Safety with carrying plate

PriceFrom CHF92.50
  • The Glock Safety Holster is compatible with pistols of the following calibers:

    • 9mm
    • .40
    • .357
    • .45 slim
    • .380

    Not compatible with Competition models

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