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Contents: 300ml
Item no.: SBTI007003

For heavily used textiles and leather

With Fluna waterproofing spray you can safely forget about wet and dirty clothing. The textile and leather impregnation spray reliably repels water and oil and protects against common dirt on the terrain during sports and hunting. Your clothing remains breathable and can be worn for a long time.

Nothing is more unpleasant than rainwater getting onto your body at the collar, at the seams or over the entire non-impregnated textile or leather surface and causing cold showers. Stubborn dirt such as oil stains, stuck-on dust or abrasion also cause trouble and increased cleaning effort. With Fluna impregnation spray you not only protect your jackets and shoes from dirt and rapid wear, but also weapon bags and rifle cases made of fabric and suede thanks to regular impregnation with a long service life.

Fluna textile impregnation

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  • Then apply the quick browning thinly with a fine brush or cotton swab and let it dry. Repeat this process until the desired level of blackening is achieved. Between processes, neutralize the surfaces and dry them. Finally, treat the burnished area again with Fluna Gun Coating.

    In order for the quick browning to be effective, the damaged area must first be carefully cleaned and degreased with Fluna Gun Degreaser or Fluna Isopropanol. Re-sanding with 1,000-grit sandpaper or an abrasive pad may be necessary. Use strong adhesive tape to precisely define a damaged area. Blackening smaller areas Clean and degrease the area to be blackened as described above. Apply Fluna Gun Black to a cloth and treat the area by wiping back and forth several times at regular intervals to color it. That's why Fluna Gun Black Easiest handling Good degree of blackening Quick results Best protection for your weapons Avoidance of corrosion Restoration of an attractive appearance Can be combined with all Fluna Tec products


  • Simply spray your cleaned and dried textiles, shoes and equipment thinly with Fluna waterproofing spray. The light, almost invisible film wraps itself protectively around each individual fiber and in the pores of the fabric surface. After a short drying time, the water-repellent and oil-repellent coating is activated. The rate of moisture penetration is also significantly reduced. That’s what it means to be sporty – and dry! – Nothing stands in the way for hours outdoors.

    Waterproofing for effective dirt repellency

    Even after washing jackets and trousers, oil stains often leave shadows and edges and the clothing looks neglected. Dust and sand clinging to the seams and eyelets also do not contribute to a good overall appearance. Use Fluna waterproofing spray to ensure that oil, dust, nicotine, soil, mud and grass stains cannot adhere to your high-quality clothing. Take advantage of the pleasant easy-to-clean effect of the Fluna waterproofing spray and save time, detergent and water as well as the annoying extra treatment of stubborn stains.

    Cleaning impregnated textiles

    When washing impregnated jackets, T-shirts and trousers, it is best to avoid detergents containing surfactants. Surfactants gum up the sealing of treated textiles and prevent them from being breathable. Always rinse your textiles treated with Fluna waterproofing spray with clean water after each wash - this will ensure you get the best results and the best wearing comfort. When washed by hand or machine without surfactants, the coating with Fluna waterproofing spray lasts for five to ten washes.

    9 reasons for Fluna waterproofing spray

    • Easy to use by spraying
    • Economical in consumption
    • Suitable for textiles and leather
    • Immediately water and oil repellent
    • Significantly delays wetting
    • 100% breathable and color neutral
    • Provides lasting protection against water and dirt
    • Easy to clean effect for quick cleaning
    • Lasting protection for 5 to 10 washes
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