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Consisting of

  • Consisting of

    • 1x Fluna SDR cleaning concentrate 250ml
    • 1x microfiber cloth 40x40cm

Fluna weapon care set 4

Simply clean silencers and suppressors

As with all parts of a firearm, the same applies to the silencer: Regular cleaning protects against damage and maintains the value of the suppressor. After around 50 to a maximum of 200 shots, you should give your silencer a thorough cleaning and preservation - ideally with the Fluna silencer cleaning set.

The use of a silencer when hunting, but also in sports, is recommended for several reasons. By dampening the muzzle blast, the hearing of humans and dogs is protected and the perception of the bullet impact is improved. The silencer also reduces recoil, which increases the hit rate. Annoying muzzle flashes in diffuse lighting conditions are also significantly reduced. By cleaning your silencer you protect yourself and others and increase your accuracy.

Item no.: GCSDR0SET4

FLUNA TEC weapon care set 4

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