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FLUNA TEC weapon care set 3

Consisting of

  • 1x Fluna Gun Coating 100ml
  • 1x Fluna Gun Degreaser 50ml
  • 1x Fluna Bore Pro 50ml
  • 1x microfiber cloth 40x40cm
Fluna Weapon Care Set 3 Gun and barrel cleaning made easy With the Fluna Weapon Care Set 3 you purchase all the products for extensive care and cleaning of long weapons whose barrels are contaminated with copper deposits. With three Fluna Tec main products and a matching microfiber cloth you can clean your entire weapon without oil. From now on, rely on clean, economical and odorless weapon cleaning and care with ceramic coating. Gun cleaning is usually not the most popular activity, but it is an extremely necessary one to ensure the desired properties and smooth functioning of firearms. The good news: The products included in the Fluna Weapon Care Set 3 are enough to clean your technically demanding weapons - without oil! – to be completely cleaned and maintained. Discover the time-saving and effective Fluna Tec system: Clean all weapon parts, free the barrel from metal smears - mainly from copper and tombac deposits - and protect your weapon with the high-performance ceramic coating that professionals rely on.

Item no.: GCPS020000

FLUNA TEC weapon care set 3

CHF 32.00Price
  • with the high-performance ceramic coating from Fluna Tec in the practical spray bottle. The transparent, residue-free and non-greasy coating can be applied to any surface. It impresses with its high temperature resistance, best corrosion protection and long-lasting effect.


    2 / Fluna Gun Degreaser

    With this special weapon cleaner and degreaser in a bottle you can remove oils, fats, waxes, powder smoke and other combustion residues. You can use the weapon cleaning agent manually or in an ultrasonic bath.


    3 / Fluna Gun Cleaner

    The high-performance barrel cleaning paste in a can is the perfect choice for smooth and rifled barrels of rifles, pistols and revolvers. Quickly and completely remove powder residue, lead, copper and tombak from all types of barrels.


    4 / Lint-free microfiber cloth

    For streak-free, thorough and residue-free weapon cleaning, we recommend the microfiber cloth included in the weapon care set 2. Wash your used cloth at 60 °C in the washing machine without fabric softener.

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