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Fluna Gun Black

Contents: 50ml Item no.: GBLA100050

Quick bluing for gun barrels

Your valuable weapon is protected from corrosion by bluing. However, if the rather weak protective layer on the barrel is damaged due to abrasion or impact during use, rapid action is necessary. With Fluna Gun Black browning agent you can renew the important corrosion protection without much effort.

With Fluna Gun Black you can renew the damaged bluing in just a few steps. Small metal parts such as screw heads can be blackened with quick browning and smaller areas can be given the desired color with Fluna Gun Black. The easy-to-use cold bluing prevents oxidation of unprotected areas on the barrel and your weapon will be ready for outdoor use in any weather after a short time.

FLUNA TEC quick browning GUN BLACK

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SKU: 7005698
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