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Contents: 200ml
Item no.: GNOL020020

Gun oil for cleaning and maintaining firearms.

With Fluna Gun Oil we have developed a gun oil which, as a CLP product, represents a cost-effective alternative to the premium product Fluna Gun Coating. Fluna Gun Oil is the latest generation of gun oil and cleans, lubricates and maintains metal parts. Fluna Gun Oil is free of heavy metals and free of PCBs, PCTs and phenol.

Fluna Gun Oil liquid

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  • How to apply Fluna Gun Oil tutorial

    Fluna Gun Oil should always be applied to the cleaned surface. It is not necessary to degrease the surface before use. Due to the spray pattern, the aerosol product is more suitable for external use on weapons. For precise application, e.g. on slide guides, use the liquid product with the practical dropper. Gun Oil is applied thinly to the surfaces to be treated and distributed with a non-absorbent cloth.

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