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  • Contents: 100ml
    Weapon care in no time

In the future, one Gun Care product will be sufficient for all parts of your weapons, whether firearms or knives. Clean all parts thoroughly before first use, as the high-performance ceramic coating adheres best to clean and grease-free surfaces. It is also possible to switch from conventional gun oil to Fluna Tec Gun Coating at any time. With the spray head and fine spray lance you can easily reach the inside of the barrel.

Gun coating for all surfaces

Simply distribute your Gun Care product over the entire surface of the weapon without any concerns. Whether steel, plastic, painted wooden parts, decorations made of gold and silver, color hardening, cast iron or rubber - Fluna Gun Coating Aerosol adheres to any material, compensates for microscopic cracks and grooves and works even on older weapons from the first application. The surface of knives also becomes smooth, insensitive to fresh and salt water and stable at any temperature.

Smart gun caring for demanding people

In contrast to conventional gun oil, Fluna Gun Coating Aerosol impresses with several decisive advantages. In addition to temperature resistance, effective corrosion protection and easy application, the Gun Care product scores points because it eliminates sticking and resinification, and the unpleasantly pungent smell of gun oil is finally a thing of the past. All parts of your firearm, regardless of type, run cleanly and quietly with Fluna Gun Coating Aerosol, eliminating the annoying oil shot. Treat your valuable firearms to only the best care – so you can enjoy sports and hunting for many years to come.

Item no.: GNO0100120

Fluna Gun Coating Aerosol 100ml

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