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Fluna Gun Cleaner

Consisting of

  • I content: 50g
    Item no.: REGCL0050250

Barrel cleaning paste for firearms

Unfortunately true: With every shot, the abrasion of the bullet and combustion residues remain in the barrel. If these are not removed regularly and carefully, they become hard, stick to the barrel steel and eventually reduce the accuracy of the firearm. With Fluna Gun Cleaner you can do the important barrel cleaning quickly, effectively and gently.

If you have purchased a new firearm, be sure to give its barrel a thorough cleaning. Machining, firing and preservative grease can otherwise burn into the barrel. Regular cleaning then ensures that the weapon and its precise functions retain their value. Build up of residue can cause cartridges to become unloadable or jammed. The dreaded pitting is also a consequence of neglected barrel cleaning.

Fluna Gun Cleaner

  • Fluna Gun Cleaner was developed for quick, mechanical cleaning of rifled and smooth barrels of rifles, pistols and revolvers. Please be careful not to apply the product to burnished or otherwise treated metal surfaces, plastic or wood. The barrel steel is gently cleaned by Fluna Gun Cleaner and is not attacked.

    How to use the barrel cleaner paste

    Soak a clean felt wad with Fluna Gun Degreaser and run through the barrel to remove any coarse debris. Alternatively, you can do this dry cleaning with a Bore-Snake. Next, roll a plastic brush in Fluna Gun Cleaner and apply the paste evenly into the barrel. Tip: Instead of the plastic brush, you can also use felt plugs or patches. Then let the barrel cleaning paste work for ten minutes, but do not let it dry! Then use a bronze brush to mechanically remove the metal smear from the cartridge chamber using several back and forth movements. To do this, use a cleaning rod guide. Then wipe the barrel with Gun Degreaser until paste and metal smears are completely removed - the felt wad should come out of the barrel white and clean.

    Coat after cleaning

    Once cleaning is complete, the barrel is perfectly prepared for coating with Fluna Gun Coating. The high-performance ceramic coating smoothes and protects the barrel and all neighboring parts and ensures the best and most precise shooting performance. A note: Store the can of Fluna Gun Cleaner barrel cleaning paste closed in a cool and dry place.

    Clean barrels with Fluna Gun Cleaner

    • Easy to use
    • Very effective cleaning
    • Quick result
    • Harmless for the barrel steel
    • Preserving the value of firearms
    • Can be combined with all Fluna Tec products
    • For more fun with precise shots
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