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Rapid bluing for gun barrels

Consisting of

  • Content: 50ml
    Item no.: GBLA100050

Rapid bluing for gun barrels

Your valuable weapon is protected from corrosion by a blue finish. However, if the rather weak protective layer on the barrel is damaged during use due to abrasion or impact, rapid action is required. With Fluna Gun Black bluing agent you can renew the important corrosion protection without much effort.

With Fluna Gun Black you can renew the damaged blueing in just a few steps. Small metal parts such as screw heads can be blackened with the quick bluing and smaller areas are given the desired color with Fluna Gun Black. The easy-to-use cold bluing prevents the oxidation of unprotected areas on the barrel, your gun is ready for outdoor use again after a short time in any weather.

Fluna Gun Black

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  • Then apply the quick browning thinly with a fine brush or cotton swab and let it dry. Repeat this process until the desired degree of darkness is achieved. Between the processes, neutralize the surfaces and dry them. Finally, treat the burnished area again with Fluna Gun Coating.

    In order for the quick bluing to be effective, the damaged area must first be carefully cleaned and degreased with Fluna Gun Degreaser or Fluna Isopropanol. It may need to be re-sanded with 1000 grit sandpaper or an abrasive pad. Use strong masking tape to precisely demarcate a damaged area. Blackening Small Areas Clean and degrease the area to be blackened as above. Apply Fluna Gun Black to a cloth and rub the area back and forth repeatedly to color. That's why Fluna Gun Black Easiest handling Good degree of blackening Quick results Best protection for your guns Avoidance of corrosion Restoration of an attractive appearance Can be combined with all Fluna Tec products


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