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Content: 100ml
Item no.: GCBP100120

Liquid barrel cleaner for firearms

With Fluna Bore Pro you can clean and protect rifled and smooth barrels of rifles, revolvers and pistols in a single operation. Fluna Bore Pro is ammonia-free and harmless to the barrel steel, ensures a quick result and guarantees the value of your high-quality short and long guns.

In sport and hunting, the highest demands are placed on barrel materials: the resistance of barrel steel to pressure, heat and dirt can only be maintained if the barrel is regularly cleaned and cared for. Fluna Bore Pro removes powder residues, but mainly copper and tombac deposits. In addition, the inside of the barrel is preserved and effectively protected against contact corrosion and the dreaded pitting associated with it.

Fluna Bore Pro 100ml

  • Tutorial Use Fluna Bore Pro

    First clean the barrel carefully with Fluna Gun Degreaser. Then insert Fluna Bore Pro into the barrel with a soaked felt pad or with a wetted metal brush. Tip: Use a cleaning rod guide! If the barrel is completely and evenly wetted with the liquid barrel cleaner, leave it to work for 15 minutes.
    Now wet a metal brush made of copper or brass with Fluna Bore Pro again and push it into the barrel in the direction of the shot. Important: Pay attention to the exact caliber size of the brushes! Loosen the metal deposits with around 10 back and forth movements.
    Finally wipe the barrel several times with clean felt pads or patches to remove the deposits. The barrel is preserved by the remaining Fluna Bore Pro, neutralization is not necessary.
    Alternatively, you can completely remove Fluna Bore Pro from the barrel with Fluna Gun Degreaser and then conserve it as usual with Fluna Gun Coating.

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